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Do you know the origin of the National Day?

October 16,2019


Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people have won the great victory of the people's revolution. On October 1, 1949, the founding ceremony was held in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. The establishment of New China realized the independence and liberation of the Chinese nation and created a new era of Chinese history. On December 3, 1949, the Fourth Session of the Central People's Government Committee accepted the recommendations of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and passed the "Resolution on the National Day of the People's Republic of China", deciding on October 1 each year, that is, the great day that the People's Republic of China was proclaimed. For the National Day of the People's Republic of China.

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Finally, I wish our great motherland a happy birthday! Long live the motherland!

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