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Summer Refreshing Office Style By Office Furniture Solutions

Summer Refreshing Office Style


Summer Refreshing Office Style Project Name: Summer Refreshing Office Style Project Scope: StaffWorkplace,Conference Room, Leisure Area Project Number: P201820 Project Description: It is hot in summer. As the temperature rises, the irritability in hot weather can make people working in the office feel uneasy. What can we do to create a refreshing office furniture solutions?


Summer Refreshing Office Style After entering the summer, a clean and tidy space will make people calm. Our plan is to welcome the summer with a clean office furniture solutions. White steel office furniture is used in the work area. Several blue bags are added to the gray sofa in the leisure area. Blue and white are the cool color match. Pure blue and pure white always remind people of the vast sky and the tranquil sea. Then you can plant green plants in the office. Green brings vitality, and green plants can also bring cooling effect to the space. In summer, it’s quite right to furnish the office withlight-colored office furniture made of steel and green plants.


April 25,2019


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