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Teach you how to choose the ergonomic office chair that suits you

September 18,2023


There are many office chairs on the market that are beautiful, but not all office chairs are truly ergonomic. If you want to truly achieve a comfortable sitting position at work, it takes a little time to show us how to choose an ergonomic office chair that fits our body and matches our working conditions. This is definitely worth it.

A true ergonomic office chair must meet at least the following minimum requirements:

office chairs

1. Seat height adjustment - adjust to the appropriate height, pay attention to make your knees lower than your hips, your feet can be placed flat on the floor;

2, seat depth adjustment - this allows us to adjust the seat depth, the front edge of the seat has a 1-10.2 cm adjustment range, to meet the space behind the knee can move, and maintain blood flow, no pressure for a long time and Sour

3, the height adjustment of the backrest - the adjustability of the height of the seat back, let us give us the best support of the back when the seat is seated;

4, rotating base - seated to meet the possibility of our need to rotate;

5, the back angle adjustment - the backrest allows us to adjust the body position, even if the object is passed backwards, the backrest will not become resistance;

6, back pressure adjustment - according to our different body shape, carry out different pressure adjustments to ensure that the backrest has sufficient support to return to our normal sitting position;

7, arm support adjustment - chair armrest height and width adjustment, to ensure that our hand wall is placed on the armrest, the joint is naturally 90 degrees, experience the best sense of relaxation;

8, high-quality casters and five-star chassis - this is very important, we often ignore the importance of casters, cheap casters are easy to break, five-star chassis design stability is high;

9, lumbar support adjustment - lumbar support needs to be adjusted to the appropriate position; sometimes this is achieved by changing the height of the chair backrest, ideally, the lumbar support can be independently adjusted height.

office chairs

The ergonomic office chair is designed to encourage our body posture to be adjusted. If you change your posture occasionally, we will feel more comfortable and help the blood flow and stay well during more than eight hours or ten hours of work all day. Mental state and physical condition. Choosing the right ergonomic chair is critical to our comfort and long-term health.

Choosing an ergonomic office chair that fits both our body and the way we work, time proves that this is a very worthwhile thing. If you have a purchase request, you can consult the Ekintop office furniture website.

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