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Introduction of Office Furniture Materials | Walnut Office Furniture Manufacturer

April 03,2024


Walnut Office Furniture Manufacturer

Walnut is world renowned interior decoration material, when production in China, walnut iscarved for handicrafts furniture and valuables of Hongmu materials. Many walnut office furniture manufacturers will choose walnut to do high-grade office furniture.

Walnut Office Furniture Manufacturer

walnut office furniture manufacturer

    Walnut Office Furniture Manufacturer

According to classification of disciplines, walnuts mainly distributed in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, and it belonged to juglans and deciduous trees.Widely distributed in China, the walnut tree was born in the mountains or artificially propagated higher trunk and small crown; Born in the wilderness, the plains or artificially propagated more dwarf tree trunks, large and dense canopy. The latter was more for the fruit to mine. Common types are walnut (multi said north walnut or at home), wild walnut (also called wild north walnut, pecan) and walnut chinese, etc.

Walnut Office Furniture Manufacturer

Walnut material has a large difference, general the heart wood is between light red-brown and slightly purple; wood color is beautiful and elegant, sometimes it is with beautiful spots or stripes; Sapwood color is shallow, shaped gray and white or light brown. Root, such as gall tumors, often has special patterns, after sawing to the veneer is precious decorative material. Walnut hardness is thin and uniform, with strong toughness, particularly from medium to heavy slightly hard, fibrous structure the anti-shock, anti-wear properties of good aspects to a certain extend bending resistance, corrosion resistance, but many need sapwood paint. Walnut need to go through the slow drying process, then it is difficult to deform, crack, so it is suitable for a forward, carving. Stickies are good nature. With walnut office furniture manufacturer produced furniture and handicrafts of simple and elegant carvings, they delicate the solid and durable feature, and show the beauty wood texture of birds and the natural by grinding.

Walnut Office Furniture Manufacturer

Uses: Walnut Office Furniture Manufacturer is a good choice for a high-quality furniture and floor and for interior finish. It is a good wood for turning and is sliced for paneling and veneers for furniture and cabinets.Walnut Office Furniture Manufacturer recommended to you.

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