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How to choose materials from Ekintop office furniture manufacturers?

September 18,2023


Three basic materials are used in the Ekintop office furniture manufacturer namely: wood, plastic and metal.

However,Ekintop office furniture manufacturer will recommend you wood.wood is used almost universally for fine furniture because it is easily worked, it is highly decorative and it is a poor conductor of heart. Therefore, normal changes in air temperature do not make wood unpleasantly hot or cold to the touch. It is comparatively noiseless under movement or impact. It is easily repaired. Wood piece can be easily fastened together with nails,screws, dowels, and glue.

Ekintop office furniture manufacturer

The three main parts of a tree are roots, trunk, and crown.

The trunk is cut into logs that are further processed into solid lumber and veneers for plywood. Other parts of the tree are cut into chips for making particle board. Plywood is a sheet material designed to take advantage of the fact that wood is very strong in the direction of the grain and that it shrinks very little in that direction. It is made by gluing alternate layers of wood at right angles to one another. Consequently, the strength properties tend to be more nearly equal across the width and length of the sheet. It also tends to be more stable than solid boards. So it is also Ekintop office furniture manufacturers one of the best-selling varieties.

Ekintop office furniture manufacturer

This construction gives plywood a number of other properties that make it especially useful as a cabinet making material. Unlike solid lumber, it has no tendency to check and split near the ends, even when nails are driven near the end. It is available with a number of attractive wood veneers on the surface. One of its biggest advantages as a cabinet material is that it is available presented in large sheets and is ready to be cut to finished sizes. It is very stable, with little tendency to warp since it has no grain direction. Medium density fiberboard is similar to particle board in appearance and application, but it is made from wood fibers. This construction results in a smoother surface finish than particle board, especially on exposed edges. It enjoys great popularity in Ekintop office furniture manufactures because its smooth surface allows a wood-grain appearance on paper for a book. It has excellent machining qualities and is often used in core stock for plywood. 

Ekintop office furniture manufacturer

Although it is somewhat more expensive than particle board, medium density fiberboard can be used anywhere that particle board is used in cabinets. It is especially popular for drawer sides for low-priced cabinets and is available in standard drawer-side widths, preprocessed grooves for the drawer bottom and a wood grain printed on the surface.

Plastic materials are widely used in Ekintop office furniture manufacturers. Plastic is a synthetic material and there are two types: thermoplastic and thermosetting which cannot be reshaped. Common uses for plastics include: plastic laming, urethane foams for cushioning, resins to bond wood flakes together to make hard board and particle board and polyvinyl glues for assembling. Many plastics are also used in wood finishing. In addition to this, plastic parts are also used in furniture in board combination with wood. Many of the ornate decorative items for drawers, doors and picture or mirror frames are made of molded plastic.

Ekintop office furniture manufacturer

All of the common metals including steel, aluminum, copper, and brass are used in a wide variety of ways in Ekintop office furniture manufacturer. Metal parts were first introduced into furniture cautiously as decorative accessories or as strengthening elements, but furniture made entirely of metal became common in the 19th century. Its use is currently accelerating as the cost of wood rises with increasing scarcity. Not only metals are used in furniture that is make of wood primarily, but also a great deal of furniture particularly for Ekintop office furniture manufacturer, is make entirely of metal.

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