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The purchase skills and material recognition of solid wood office furniture in china from wood office furniture manufacturer

May 30,2024


How to distinguish solid wood office furniture plate in china?

1、Blockboard: The center of the blockboard is a core made of natural wood sticks, and the thin veneers are glued on the both sides of the core.The blockboard is one of the most commonly used materials in wood office furniture manufacturer and has a good moisture proof effect. When selecting, you look at its internal wood which should not be too broken, and the gap between the wood is about 3mm fine blockboard is appropriate. Due to the unsightly appearance of the wood grain on the surface, it is seldom to be painted directly. Usually, a decorative plywood is to be applied on the surface. The plate features in small deformation and strong nail holding power, thus the price is higher. 
2、MDF and chipboard: MDF board is a kind of board which is pressed with the natural wood after it has been crushed into granules.It is the main material of wood office furniture manufacturer. The MDF board is formed by pressed wood chips and has good flatness and poor moisture resistance. The density of the MDF is lower than that of the chipboard. If loosening occurs after the screw is tightened, the strength of the MDF is not high enough to fix it. Therefore, it is rarely used for cabinets such as filing cabinets that need to support heavy objects. 
3、Integrated board: Integrated board is a new solid wood materialwhich is made of high-quality imported large-diameter logs. They are staggered and spliced like fingers. Its environmental protection performance is superior. The amount of formaldehyde of integrated board is only one eighth of that of the blockboard, and it can be directly colored and painted. Compared with the blockboard, integrated board saves one process and is not easily deformed.

 wood office furniture manufacturer

Wood office furniture manufacturer

How to choose solid wood office furniture platein china?

1. Do not trade privately with sellers and take the formal channels of purchases in order to prepare for effective rights protection in case of disputes. 

2. Consumers should go to the dealers which have proper management norms, good reputation, and good after-sales service to buy furniture, and the consumers should compare furniture in more wood office furniture manufacturer

3.To ask for and check the quality inspection report of the furniture; 

4.The consumers must signthe purchase contract with wood office furniture manufacturer, and the timber information should be clearly stated in the contract, that is, the furniture you are going to buy is “pure solid wood furniture”, “solid wood veneer furniture”, “integrated wood furniture”, or “board wood furniture”. 
5.The consumers should ask for and keep the invoices, quality assurance cards, product qualification certificates and product instruction manuals, and check the related furniture information from wood office furniture manufacturer

wood office furniture manufacturer

Wood office furniture manufacturer

The difference between solid wood office furniture plates and ordinary plate in china

It is said that the solid wood is natural and its structure is more environmentally friendly because of its mortise and tenon structure. However, due to the increasing scarcity of wood resources, many businesses adopt a splicing method to connect multiple small pieces of wood together in order to save costs and make full use of the wood.The big disadvantage is that the firmness is not strong, so a lot of glue must be used for bondingin order to ensure the solidity of the solid wood splicing. The high-quality board has even-texturedinternal structure, high strength and high anti-bending strength. One of the characteristics of the high-quality sheet is that it is not easily deformed under high temperature and humidity, and its durability is longer.

wood office furniture manufacturer

Wood office furniture manufacturer  

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