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What should be paid attention to when purchasing office sofas wholesale?

September 25,2021


When we need to buy office sofas in large quantities, how should we choose as buyers? So what should you pay attention to when buying an office sofa? How can I buy a suitable office sofa? Next, Ekintop office supplies wholesaler will share with you the knowledge points of small ways to buy leather sofa!

leather couch

When buying a Leather couch sofa for the company's needs, we need to pay attention to how to choose genuine leather. As we all know, office sofas are divided into full-leather office sofas and half-leather office sofas. Each full-leather office sofa consumes cowhide and is of high value. The air permeability, environmental protection and performance of cowhide are very good. Leather office sofas are commonly used in developed countries. Leather sofa is divided into cowhide and buffalo leather. It is divided into top leather, second layer, and third layer, and is divided into domestic leather and imported leather according to the place of origin. So when you buy a leather sofa, use these reasonably and buy the leather sofa you are looking forward to!

leather sofa

Now that we have understood the leather couch of the office sofa, let's talk about the wooden part. The wooden part of the office sofa must be free of cracks and looseness, whether the surface of the office sofa is smooth and whether the paint is peeling off. At the time of purchase, you can manually operate the armrest of the office sofa. The backrest has no vibration, no loose sound or abnormal noise. Touch the back of the office sofa and press it 2 to 3 times. It feels flat and there is no spring friction. According to the feeling of pressure, it is estimated whether the sofa chair surface can withstand the pressure of the human body. These issues must be considered! Only in this way can we buy a high-quality and safe office sofa!

I believe you can use the above knowledge points to choose a suitable office sofa reasonably! You can also contact us if you need to know or buy office supplies

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